Maya Angelou Gives me the Feels

I wanted to start February off with a re-reading of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. But wait, it gets worse. Instead of reading the physical book, I decided that it would be lovely to listen to the audio book narrated by Ms. Angelou herself. While I greatly enjoyed this epic story conveyed by one of the most eloquent speakers I’ve ever encountered, I can’t seem to move past the book. It was such an amazing experience that I felt like I was learning the story for the first time. Now I want to keep returning to the world of young Marguerite. Even if you have read the book before, or even multiple times, I urge everyone to try the audio book. Unfortunately for me, my library only has the first and last of Angelou’s memoirs on audio. The several in between are only available in physical and e-book form. While it may seem silly to not continue, I have decided that I want to invest in her books in both physical and audio form. It might take me awhile to obtain them all – have you guys noticed how expensive audio books can be? – however, the listening experience just cannot be beat. And now for what I’d like to say to Maya Angelou – Thank You. Thank you for sharing your stories with the world. You have taught me so much over the years. Your writing has introduced me to poetry that I actually enjoy, to the joy of memoirs when I thought I hated nonfiction, to the delight of seeing myself in a work written by someone else, and most importantly, to the miraculous journey of experiencing life through the eyes of someone different than me. Now, even after you have passed on, you have challenged my dislike of audio books and given me a brand new way to experience the wide world of literature. Trust that you will love on in all your reader’s hearts.

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