Birthday Gifts Round One

Every year around my birthday, I remind my friends and family that gift cards truly are the best present for me. Of course I want a new book, but I can’t, in good conscience, expect anyone to know which ones I already have. So here is the first of my birthday book card hauls – courtesy of my Bestie’s parents.  

This title came from a BookTube video by author Jen Campbell. If you aren’t familiar with her you should look her up ASAP. She lists this as one of her favorite childhood books. Increasing the appeal is the fact that after reading The Book Thief, I am particularly preoccupied with narratives based during the Nazi regime. 

Speaking of the Nazi regime, Erik Larson wrote another great book called In the Garden of Beasts, set in 1930s Germany. It was so good in fact, that I’ll sign up for anything he writes. This one covers a serial killer in Chicago during the World Fair.

Lastly, I purchased this classic that doesn’t need any introduction. This will be my first time reading this essay and I plan on blogging my thoughts. I have the suspicion that I am in the exact place in my life to fully appreciate the subject matter. 

A great big Thank You to the Conways for the birthday gift card and your unfailing support. 


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