Ghost Stories

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I am always up to hear a good ghost story. Even as a child, my favorite form of entertainment was to share a spooky narrative around a camp fire, or in the case of the harsh West Virginia winters, among some lit candles during a snowstorm power outage. But what is it that draws us to frightening tales? I think it has to do something with the idea that we can flirt with our fears, indulge our superstitions, and let go of our modern logical thinking, all why remaining perfectly safe in our twenty-first century homes. When asked if I believe in ghost, I always shy away from talking about it. While having quite the love affair with science and logic, I also find that being frightened of a ghostly narratives is one of the most delicious experiences I’ve ever encountered. So what is the point of discussing the subject? Just because I might truly believe in the periodic table more than Jacob Marley does not mean that I need to remind myself. There is no point on concentrating  on my actual beliefs about an afterlife, when there is so much more fun to be had by playing along. Below are a few titles that I’ve enjoyed reading in 2015, thanks to an author recommendation on  The Readers, one of my favorite bookish podcasts. You might recognize one of the titles from the movie starring Daniel Radcliffe. I encourage you to check them  out if you get the chance. And if you want to see how an actual book blog is conducted, please check out the brilliant Simon Savidge who introduced me to Susan Hill during a podcast.



One thought on “Ghost Stories

  1. I have just finished all of your recent posts- you are on a roll! I love your Lenten commitment and I have always thought it better to do something positive than give up something oh goodness especially chocolates!

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