40 days and 40 nights…

It turns out that today is Ash Wednesday, much to my great dismay. I was under the impression it was next week! As is my tradition, I always try to give something up, or add something into my daily routine during Lent. I do this, despite the fact that I am not Catholic. Many years ago, a good friend from college explained the process and I decided to support him and join in on the self-sacrifice since no one else in our group observed the tradition. And it stuck. Every year I use this time period as a way to jump start a new habit or avoidance that that I want to continue throughout the year. I was even able to finally give up drinking Coca-Cola permanently (more or less) after giving it up for Lent in 2008.

I’m not sure how many years passed before I began adding in good behaviors, rather than cutting out the bad behaviors, but it is now my favorite practice. This year I toyed with the idea of giving up sugar, even unrefined, however, having Valentine’s Day and a birthday without chocolate seemed a little too excessive. I realized instead, that this could be just what I need to jump start my blog content. So here it is, ladies and gentlemen…I will create a post every day for the next forty days! Since I don’t want to risk writing thoughtlessly, my actual pledge is simply to remain active on the blog. I might write longer posts and reviews, or I may simply compile a list or share some bookish photos. I’d also really like to highlight some amazing individuals involved in BookTube, book blogging, and book podcasting. Pay it forward right? So brace yourself world, you are about to encounter “a whole lotta” book love.


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