Super Book Sunday!

Are you excited about today’s festivities? I am of course talking about Super Book Sunday! Every year while millions of people scurry to stock their kitchen with hot wings and other tailgate classics, I attempt to build a day around an activity that doesn’t make me want to peel off my own skin. Now to all of my football loving friends out there, I mean you no disrespect, but as for me, I could not possibly care any less. Being the type of person, however, that loves to decorate and celebrate, I decided to use this day to celebrate my love of reading.

This year, Super Book Sunday, has coincidentally fallen upon the birthdate of Mr. Charles Dickens.  Dickens is my favorite author, although I have only read five or six of his works so far. So how can he be your favorite you may ask? The only explanation I can offer is that the little bit of Dickens that I have read has permeated my life. When reading one of his works, I am fully immersed in the story in the same way in which I was as a child. I’m not sure what the difference is between the reading experiences of children versus adults, but something seems to be lost once we cross the threshold of adulthood. When reading Dickens (and J.K. Rowling) books, however, I am completely transported to another world, as though his books work like the wardrobe leading to Narnia. And in between readings, my mind stays with protagonist as I try to navigate my “real” life as quickly as possible in order to reunite with my beloved characters. Long after the stories are finished, I will think about the characters as though they are friends from my own past. What great compliment could a reader give? Also, in looking for other books to read, I always aim for this experience and try to look through the narratives layers for a “Victorian inspired atmosphere.” Am I too nerdy for you yet?

So in honor of Chuck and Super Book Sunday, I hope to participate in a library crawl later this afternoon. There are three libraries in Maricopa County that I have been meaning to visit. As I check them out today, my focus will be on seeing how many Dickens novels they each have. In anticipation of spending my day with my fingers between pages, I made sure that I got my hot wing fix for dinner last night.  In closing, here is a favorite Dickens’ inspired song lyric: “I’m like Estella. I like to reel it in and then spit it out, I’m frustrated by your apathy.”  ~ All I Really Want by Alanis Morissette. Happy Reading!


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