Blog Intro

When deciding to blog about books, I planned to begin after the New Year. Since I made this decision back in May of 2015, it is clear that my arbitrary date selection was simply a form of procrastination. Of course I need seven months to prepare and gather content! Of course that will give me time to draft multiple posts before the launch! Surely, I can master the finesse of a social media mogul by the new year! And yet, here I am working on this draft at 8:00 p.m. on 1-1-16. Have I mentioned I’m not even sure if my first Tumblr photo posted?

But back to the subject at hand (look at me starting a sentence with a conjunction!), despite my inability to properly plan, I really want to go ahead and launch this blog. I’m worried that if I wait until I’m prepared, technically savvy, and/or over my jitters, I might just miss a rewarding experience. I have to remember why I wanted to do this blog in the first place and that is because my biggest passion in life is books. I worship the written word. I am not only a voracious reader of novels, but I even love quotes, memes, and random excerpts from song lyrics.

For many years as an adult, I downplayed my attraction to the written word. Although my bookish nature was praised as a child, it didn’t take long to notice that in the adult world my lingering fascination was seen as juvenile. I would frequently try to share my love of narrative, but after years of bewildered looks from the adults around me, I accepted that in all likelihood, I would have to create my own sense of community. As good of an idea as this was, it was somehow lost in all the transitions that take place when graduating college, deciding on a career, and moving cross country. In short, the last several years have been saturated with the necessities of reality. By the end of 2014, I realized that I had only read four books in an entire year. What had happened?

Enter 2015, and my New Year’s resolution was to read 52 books – one for each week in the year. I felt this number was a good, solid, obtainable goal, particularly because I was not only working full time, but had also started my graduate degree. I really made this reading goal because I was hoping to capture some of the happiness that had eluded me since I graduated college. I had no idea what an incredible change was about to take place. Two months into 2015, I discovered podcasts – and ones that focused on books! Shortly after that, I learned of the BookTube community. Many of the podcasters and vloggers also had written blogs. I couldn’t believe that there were so many people in the world who felt just as passionately about books as I did.  So sometime in May of 2015, I decided that I wanted to do more than just watch the book community from the sidelines, I wanted to contribute something myself.

So here I am, excited to write about all things bookish. Hopefully, my skill set will begin to grow and diversify in the process. In the end, however, the only thing I am really looking to achieve is my own space to ramble about all my thoughts and feelings regarding books. If you stumble upon my page and like what you see, then I’ll be delighted. But if you don’t like it, carry on the search or consider starting your own. From what I have learned this year, there is enough room in cyber-land for us all.